Parallel Virtual File System Scalability and High Performance, by Design.

Welcome to the PVFS Project

PVFS brings state-of-the-art parallel I/O concepts to production parallel systems. It is designed to scale to petabytes of storage and provide access rates at 100s of GB/s. Its main features are:


PVFS is designed to provide high performance for parallel applications, where concurrent, large IO and many file accesses are common. PVFS provides dynamic distribution of IO and metadata, avoiding single points of contention, and allowing for scaling to high-end terascale and petascale systems.


PVFS relaxes the POSIX consistency semantics where necessary to improve on stability and performance. Cluster file systems that enforce POSIX consistency require stateful clients with locking subsystems, reducing the stability of the system in the face of failures. These systems can be difficult to maintain due to overhead of lock management.

PVFS clients are stateless allowing for effortless failure recovery and easy integration with industry standard high-availability systems. Read more on the PVFS consistency model and setting up PVFS for high-availability.

Optimized MPI-IO support

PVFS is designed to support a number of access models, from collective I/O to independent I/O as well as non-contiguous and structured access patterns. PVFS provides an object-based, stateless client interface, leading to optimizations for metadata operations within MPI-IO. See the ROMIO site for further information.

Hardware Independence

PVFS operates on a wide variety of systems, including IA32, IA64, Opteron, PowerPC, Alpha, and MIPS. It is easily integrated into local or shared storage configurations, and provides support for high-end networking fabrics, such as Infiniband or Myrinet.

Painless Deployment

PVFS was designed to be easy to deploy and manage. It builds out-of-the-box on a wide-variety of Linux distributions, and has only a few required dependencies. PVFS builds and runs directly on your Linux installation, it does not require kernel patches or specific kernel versions.

Research Platform

PVFS is developed by a multi-institution team of parallel I/O, networking and storage experts. It embodies the expertise of designers who have worked for over a decade in the field of parallel I/O. PVFS continues to be used as a platform for active research in the parallel I/O field, the code is designed to be easy to augment for research purposes. Review the latest papers on research using PVFS.

See our documentation page for further information about PVFS.

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